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Sunday, November 14, 2004

20 years ago I:
-was 9 years old and spent all my free time playing outside being a tomboy and riding my bike.
-helped my dad recover from a 3-wheeler accident by playing caregiver for the first time in my life.
-loved michael jackson and fraggle rock.

15 years ago I;
-was 13-14 years old and got my first period while at school (embarassing).
-was pretty nerdy.
-wore a most atrocious dress to the 8th grade dance. i have photos.
-was in "nature club".

10 years ago I:
-was 19 years old and ran away from home because my parents wanted to pull me out of college. i was in love with bryan and didn't want to lose him so I packed up all my things while my parents were out to dinner and my ex-boyfriend let me live with him for the summer.
-was doing horribly in college due to lack of caring and emotional stresses. i failed out, took a year off, and then got back in and made up for the bad grades by consistently appearing on the dean and president's lists. i managed to graduate with a 3.01.
-had a car. it was my getaway vehicle, after all.
-these were clearly dramatic times!

5 years ago I:
-moved to queens to live with bryan for good. was moderately scared of all things new york city and would not take the subway alone. it took a year to get over it.
-was 24 years old and got my first job out of college working in television.
-smoked like a chimney. gross.

3 years ago I:
-said goodbye to the house i grew up in.
-visited maine.
-was unemployed.
-kicked the smoking habit. well, that was 4+ years ago but close enuff.
-became more social.
-freely binged on karaoke.
-went to santacon for the first (and best) time.

2 years ago I:
-became crafty and learned how to knit and quilt.
-left the US for the first time and took a trip to Iceland.
-saw Graceland.
-lost my bunny beany.
-helped bryan host our first Thanksgiving.
-got a bunch of funny haircuts.

Last year I:
-got a new job, this time in the fashion industry.
-was excited about photography.
-went to SF.
-walked from manhattan to queens across the 59th street bridge during the blackout.

So far this year I:
-got engaged.
-made too many cupcakes. ahem.
-became a sample sale ho.
-paid off 75% of my credit card debt.
-have been in a damn good mood.
-took a couple trips to new england.
-got incredibly teched out with an ipod, cameraphone, and a mean netflix addiction. nerd alert!
-attended 3 weddings.


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