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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

tonight bryan made me laugh so hard i cried. he was telling me about his very cozy train ride home. he always falls asleep on the train...well, he woke up and noticed some strange girl was snuggled up against him like she was his wife so he sat up and leaned a little forward and she was still lying against him. off to his left was a lady leaning against the side of his seat and she had a humpback (quasimodo, he called her) and her hump was in his face. well then the sleepy girl moved over and a very fat lady got on and hugged her backpack to her ample chest and practically divebombed her giant ass backwards into the seat which resulted in her partially sitting on one of bryan's legs and he thought she broke it but thankfully she didn't.
you had to be here when he did his impression of the fat lady.


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