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Saturday, September 20, 2003

pantaloons for you, me, everybody

this topic has been coming up a lot lately. relationships: who is it that wears the pants?
there are struggles - hell yes. i don't know any wards or junes. do you? most fights revolve around the following three things:

1. money
2. time spent together/apart and is it enough/too much
3. the equal sharing of chores and responsibilities

i don't know about you but i don't want to be anybody's mommy. well, unless they come out of my chachi, that is. i don't like nagging nobody. i don't like bickering about the dishes. it's nonsense and a waste of my time. men can have so many excuses about these things and none of them are valid. is this a life anyone wants to live? at work today a girlfriend of mine was practically crying to me because her boyfriend is a lunkhead about the chores. what can you do? if a boy/man wasn't raised to take part in housey things then is there no hope? men have been conditioned to expect women to take care of all that junk but darnit, this is the 21st century and last time i checked, we all have two hands and two feet and are equally capable of doing menial tasks like brushing the toilet bowl.

i guess this is what housekeepers are for. they keep more than the house. it's the peace we're after.