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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

sibling rivalry.. to the max!

i used to torture my little brother. he was always 5 years younger and a lot smaller. i've completely blocked out most of it, but i just had a long, funny chat with him wherein he reminded me of a bunch of the dreadful (but funny, now) things i once subjected him to.

- i used to spit on him.. in his face, even! and before i'd unleash the spit i'd shout "i spit on YOU!".

- i used to stick my finger a millimeter from his eyeball and shout "i'm not touching you! i'm not touching you!" over and over.

- i used to lock him in the crawlspace and turn off the lights.

- i used to lock him out of the house.

- i used to slap him on his back really hard. reeaaalllly hard.

- i used to write mean things about him in his bedtime books like "derek is a boogerhead".

- i used to call him all kinds of mean things.

- i'd throw snowballs at him every winter.

and amazingly enough, he turned out just fine. he's loving, caring, sweet, relaxed, sane and hasn't got a vengeful bone in his entire body.
me, on the other hand....

i hope this is somewhat normal.