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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

yesterday i witnessed:
-a squirrel up close as it approached me for making squirrel call sounds. they are hungry and have no fear these days, stocking up for winter and all. too bad i had no peanuts.
-a one-legged bike messenger!
-a dead squirrel slumped over a telephone wire like he was being hung out to dry. sad.

today my other boss brought her 6 week old baby by for a visit. she slept for 5 hours, woke up, ate, pooped, and then cried.
i made out really well at the accessories sale. 5 purses, 3 scarves, 4 hats and some other stuff for a total of $75.
me and bryan ate dinner at market cafe. i had the goat cheese/arugula bruschetta appetizer and a pasta dish with shrimp, peas, and oven roasted tomatoes. bryan had seared scallops for his appetizer and a cheeseburger with bleu cheese and some spicy fries. yum.

november must be self-improvement month. we went to the dentist saturday and i got oohed and ahhed over because of my exquisite flossing. the hygenist told me i made her day! i'm having an eye exam friday and to round things off i'm getting my hair cut on monday (just a trim and shaping). i'm waiting for the new year to go to the girl doctor and to get my cholesterol checked. i also want to get new glasses but don't know what i want yet.

i can't wait for next week. we're having a pre-thanksgiving dinner on wednesday for our friends who have nowhere to go.


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