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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

nothing excites me today. i'm in one of my moods. i feel like no one loves me as much as they should.
i went shopping for clothes and nothing looked good. everything is too patterny and ugly and cheaply made.
i need to stop skipping lunch.
i've been reading up on real estate. i wonder if/when the bubble will burst. i wonder if i'll ever get to retire some day.
i walked 22 blocks and 8 avenues today.
plus one mile.
why does it feel like march yet the calendar says may?
bryan isn't home yet. i worry too much. but it's 11:33 PM.
i still need to get an outfit for my interview on friday but i got nothin. the only store i ever find anything at is banana republic but it's all overpriced.
i realize i don't eat anything delicious unless bryan is around. because eating good things is no fun if you are by yourself.
i think i might be one of those people who's never going to be satisfied. ever.


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