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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

my eyes are not brown. they are light brown and sometimes hazel.
this is something my mother pointed out to me recently. she has hazel eyes.

i don't microwave a cup of water when i want to make tea. i use a tea kettle.
i like to hear it screech.

we own an all-clad pot. we are serious about cooking up in here, bitches.

i'm still kind of sick but finally taking antibiotics. zithromax = magic. thank you.
tomorrow i will finally go back to work after a big fat week off.
kind of made me nostalgic for my unemployed days. kind of.
except for the being poor part. i'm now accustomed to spending money and
acquiring mountains of receipts. it's a bad habit. a hard one to break.
my voice is kind of husky - i like it.

i'm learning to relax. relax don't stress about people or things that don't matter.
i matter most. i'm number one.