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Thursday, March 18, 2004

when you're not sure just how to tell her you love her..

i've been thinkin' 'bout love and romance and watching way too much tlc programming like perfect proposal and its spawn.
this is what you end up doing when you're sick from not trying hard enough to get better from GINORMOUS SNOT INFILTRATION 2004, QUIET STORM OF THE MEMBRANES.
which left me wondering, searching, thinking, really hard about one thing: surprises.
and i came to one stark realization about: surprises.
i. have. never. been. surprised.

i don't think it would/could/will/can/ever/never be possible to surprise me in 67 jillion years.
and it kinda makes me sad.
yes, i used to open my already wrapped christmas presents which my parents stored in their closet and then rewrap them.
yes, i had to feign surprise about the bowling ball. about the tv. about the yes.
yes, i'm horrible!

i wonder if there's a cure.