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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

i forgot to tell you some stuff.
i got hit on on sunday. and monday.
sunday i was straddling my bike waiting for bryan outside the bike shop and this (black) man came up to me and told me how the bike was doing me "a world of good" as he stared at my ass. he wouldn't stop going on about it and told me "believe me, i know".
monday a guy came up to me on the train (he was also dark skinned) and asked if the train was going to manhattan. i told him yes. then he told me i had really cute feet and i ignored him. he asked if i heard what he said and i told him to please leave me alone. he walked away.
both of these dudes had fucked up teeth. as in, they were missing a few.

also on monday, a homeless man on the street cried "GIVE ME SOME SEX WITH A PRETTY WOMAN, AND I'LL BE ALRIGHT!".
i can see how that could be true.
on the train yesterday.. well, i always see this asian lady and she'll just sit there really quiet and will all of a sudden start swinging one arm in power circles above her head and flick her hand out like she can shoot lazers from it and scream RAHHH!! POWWW!!! CRRRRRRRRR!. and then is all quiet again like nothing happened.
like, every 10 minutes.

i love new york.


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