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Thursday, November 13, 2003

the sheer number of makeover shows on television today makes one wonder exactly how lost we all are and how we got that way. do we really look that horrible that we need completely new wardrobes, hairstyles, home decor, cooking tips and life partners?
i'm all for self-improvement but are these willing participants willing because they want to look better or are they just doing it cuz it's fo' free?
i think the latter.

but if you are still feathering your hair and wearing tight stonewashed pants doesn't that just make you a hipster or something? isn't that ironic and better left alone?
surely i'm not fully working my inner fashionista but who is? are you?
most people are just too lazy.

i used to enjoy trading spaces and even changing rooms but lately i find myself shuddering at the color combos and the designers' concepts of what "furni" is.
i wonder how many trading spacers end up undoing the entire design once the trailer of helpers leaves. 70%?

do these shows leave you feeling inadequate? no? good.