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Saturday, July 09, 2005

they have very brown green beans at kfc. they cook them for so long that they disintegrate upon contact with the tip of the plastic fork.
today's mission was to find something that screams "fast track" for my job interview monday. i went to the mall at 2:00 and 5 hours later i bought a suit jacket and it doesn't match my black pants. well, it does match but not in that dorky way you expect a suit to match. the jacket is black and pinstriped. GOD i hate suits so much. i am kind of kicking myself for agreeing to such a thing. the low moment of the day was when i went to jc penney and looked at their suits. SUITS ARE SO UGLY! maybe i would have bought one there if i wanted to look like i was making fun of suit wearers.
yesterday i had an old fashioned day. i went to the movies to see me and you and everyone we know by myself.
the best part was before the movie when i listened to the 2 old ladies sitting behind me. there's nothing quite like a conversation between lifelong friends. topics of conversation i enjoyed the most involved sewing shoulder pads into a suit jacket and how one lady mailed a letter to england and it never got there and was returned to her for no reason. what a waste of 70 cents! someday maybe i'll be like the golden girls. when i'm old i hope i go to independent movies with my best friend.
other old fashioned parts of the day were when i saw bryan get a haircut by a real barber, ate at a diner with a visible food assembly line, and went to the wine store and was taken care of very nicely. i love good customer service. i just told the wine expert what i like and he found me jewels.


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