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Tuesday, May 21, 2002

i'm starting to get excited about Iceland. i leave in 2 days. here's the itinerary so far:
wednesday night: leave in the pm.
thursday morning: arrive in the am (due to 4 hour time difference).
take little nap. walk around town a bit. go to the blue lagoon.
friday: glacier tour.
saturday: sightseeing
sunday: icelandic horse tour.
monday: sightseeing and then return in the afternoon.
passport? check.
plane ticket? check.
currency converter? check.
maps? check.

need to pick up some last minute travel items and figure out what i'm bringing tomorrow.
also still need a frigging bathing suit. grr.

Saturday, May 18, 2002

i feel the way you feel right when you wake up from a nap except i haven't taken one.

went to the dentist this morning for my routine gum torture. she said everything looked really nice so all that flossing paid off. but damn, first she used the electric digging/scraping machine and then she used the pick scraper 4 times over my whole mouth. that paired with the spit suction hose = hell. i was supposed to do this quilting spa with bryan's mom at her church but by the time we got out of the dentist it was raining even harder than when we went in so we headed to flushing for lunch. we ate at the place with the big bowl of noodles on the roof and as we were finishing up we looked out the window to witness a very very drunk man walk into the path of a car. he fell down but he was ok. he couldn't get up at all, though! he was just that drunk. at one point, he was balanced on his hands and feet and he looked like he was doing downward dog except he was swaying. then he fell over and rolled in between the curb and a parked car and his hat fell off. someone must've called the cops because all of a sudden a firetruck showed up and 7 guys tried to help him. poor drunk bastard. bryan thought he had to be a migrant worker who's morning van ride to go picking was cancelled due to the rain so he went and got sloshed. we like to make up stories about people we have no idea about.
i tried to find a bathing suit today and had absolutely no luck but i did only try on 2 styles. maybe i'll just get a scuba suit. that sounds like something i could live with. i went to old navy and god do they ever have some ugly skirts. that and all their jeans have blasted buttocks. i did get some flip flops for $4. there's this ghetto ladies store next to our key food and i went in there for a laugh and found this hideously beautiful shimmery silver and black one piece jumpsuit with see thru black mesh stomach and black zebra stripes. i might get it for halloween so i can be a hooker. they also had the perfect shoes to match: black stilettos with clear plastic heels.
so bryan just HAD TO buy the dvd of Tron. he says it's a must see so that's what we're going to watch later.

weird sight of the day besides drunk man: black squirrel
weird sound of the day: heard a rooster crowing while passing a house in our neighborhood

Friday, May 17, 2002

i just planted snapdragons, shasta daisies, and some hummingbird & butterfly seed mixture.
i was cultivating the soil in on of my pots and came across a bunch of wormy larvae of some sort.
i found this site and looking at all the pests i've come to the conclusion that they were potato bug larvae or cutworms.
so i drowned them...

I'm one of a kind.

i saw Y Tu Mama Tambien tonight.
go see it. preferably, with someone you're comfortable watching sex scenes with.
or better yet, see it alone.
i want to say something about it but i don't want to ruin the story for those who plan to still see it.
i'll review it later on.

on the way home on the train tonight i was thinking.
i sometimes feel like all the people around me are put there to accompany me through my life.
like fixtures or accessories.
and if i wasn't at a given place at a given time, these people would not exist at all.
sometimes i feel as if everyone around me is an actor pretending to be an extra in the movie of me.
and they're all really good actors.

Thursday, May 16, 2002

to do:
-buy bathing suit for Iceland trip (Blue Lagoon)
-buy something to wear to wedding plus some new skirts/sandals
-dentist appt. 10a.m. Saturday
-quilting spa Saturday afternoon
-type out essays for essay section of site
-scan photos for travel section & old pics section of site
-read more webmonkey
-dog walking - volunteer this week
-buy grout to fix that one spot in shower

Star Wars was really goood!! One word: YODA.
That's all you need to know.
I think it's a good thing I have no real recollection of the 3 Star Wars movies from the 80's. This way, I see the story as it unfolds and won't know what's going to happen before it happens.
I'm meeting Melissa for dinner later. I'm trying to find a place to eat.
So far I picked this:

Indonesian food hasn't yet ignited the culinary curiosity of the foodie masses, but this eatery (named after central Java's 9th-century Buddhist monument) goes a little way toward rectifying the situation. Opened in 2000, what was more of a take-out pad became so popular that a year later it expanded, with a dining room (another nine tables) and a small bar. The Sumatran chef cooks Indonesian standards, such as crumbly and crunchy corn fritters and a chicken satay that's heavier than the Thai version. His take on nasi goreng (the staple fried-rice dish) is delicate and balanced. And to top it all off, the prices are dirt-cheap—two can get stuffed for $20.
128 E 4th St between First and Second Aves (212-614-9079). Subway: F to Lower East Side–Second Ave. Sun–Thu 11:30am–10:30pm; Fri, Sat 11:30am–1am. Average main course: $7.50

I've never had Indonesian before.

Dinner last night was at an Italian restaurant. Lobster raviolis, clams, fried zuchinni, calamari, salad. I'm a food addict. Mmmmmm.
Brooklyn Heights is such a gorgeous neighborhood. No garbage on the streets or sidewalks. It's quiet. Everyone jogs. Everyone cleans up their dog's poops.
Not in my neighborhood! Around here it's like an obstacle course of "avoid the dookie". Blah.
It reminded me of the Cosby's neighborhood, but I'm not 100% sure that they really lived there. Hmm.

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Last night I met up with Joni and her beau, Clayton Summers, for a few drinks at Alfredo's.
I just love that name. Clayton Summers. Sounds like a southern soap opera hunk's name. He is a banker though, and that fits the name perfectly.
Clayton used to live in Iceland during high school for a few years because he was part of an exchange program, and he just went back there a few weeks ago to visit.
He brought me back a bunch of brochures and maps and gave me a quick language lesson. He also taught me how to say the following, extremely important sentence:
"Eg er fuller og ekki erfit." = I am drunk and not difficult. = I am drunk and easy. Haha.
Speaking of exchange programs, I used to love the kids we'd have at our high school on exchange. One boy sticks out in my mind and his name was Petr Mack.
Petr was from Germany, if i recall correctly. We used to teach him all kinds of dirty words but we'd tell him that they weren't dirty so he'd use them all the time.
We told him "buttfuck" meant "to kiss" so he used to go around school trying out his new word. He'd come up to my friends and be all like "I am thinking i am wanting to buttfuck you." We'd die laughing. Poor Petr.
Tonight we're going to Brooklyn Heights to visit Bryan's bro's new apartment. It's his first one. I love that neighborhood. Right by the water, beautiful view.
We're all taking his mom out to dinner for a belated mother's day while we're out there. We got her this swank camera. I hope she's not too afraid to use it.
Later, we're heading back to Queens in time for the very first showing of the new Star Wars movie.
I'm not that much of a Star Wars person, really. I'm just going to see what all the hoopla is about. I seldom get it.