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Wednesday, June 19, 2002

drug stores: the new candy

i never pass by a drug store without going in, if only to look around for one item, or see if they've stocked new nailpolish, or something. this all stems from my childhood trips to Fay's drugstore with my mother. we'd escape from the house for a half an hour every few weeks to go pick up the usual things like shampoo and toothpaste and my mom would always let me pick up a little something. a bonne bell lipgloss. some barettes. a magazine. this was our private time together, to sing funny songs in the car on the way there, to make fun of the "bargain bin", to indulge. i associate drug stores with having options because there's just so much to choose from, you can't leave without buying something. you're always guaranteed to walk away happy and rejuvenated. kind of like when you're 5 and you're handed a dollar to go buy some candy. there are infinite possibilities, and for once, they're all pure satisfaction.
i still buy bonne bell lipgloss and i still get that wide-eyed look whenever i enter a drugstore these days. bryan groans every time we walk by one (like tonight). we happened by CVS where i bought some clear mascara, crest baking soda&peroxide toothpaste, herbal essences fruit fusions shampoo and conditioner, some Venus razor blades, and some OB tampons. i wanted to stay longer but he dragged me out of there. good thing, that.

Thursday, June 06, 2002

i'm back.
i did so many things i never thought i'd do while i was away like:
-drove a snowmobile all around a glacier and fast!
-swam in the blue lagoon and showered in a communal shower (liberating!)
-rode an icelandic horse over rocky terrain and even encouraged it to go fast on our way back!
-cut off a lot of my hair!!! (pics later)
-tasted whale and puffin
-climbed into a cave formed from lava
-rode in a supertruck along cliffs and thru water

( photos from the trip )