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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

nothing excites me today. i'm in one of my moods. i feel like no one loves me as much as they should.
i went shopping for clothes and nothing looked good. everything is too patterny and ugly and cheaply made.
i need to stop skipping lunch.
i've been reading up on real estate. i wonder if/when the bubble will burst. i wonder if i'll ever get to retire some day.
i walked 22 blocks and 8 avenues today.
plus one mile.
why does it feel like march yet the calendar says may?
bryan isn't home yet. i worry too much. but it's 11:33 PM.
i still need to get an outfit for my interview on friday but i got nothin. the only store i ever find anything at is banana republic but it's all overpriced.
i realize i don't eat anything delicious unless bryan is around. because eating good things is no fun if you are by yourself.
i think i might be one of those people who's never going to be satisfied. ever.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

tonight bryan made me laugh so hard i cried. he was telling me about his very cozy train ride home. he always falls asleep on the train...well, he woke up and noticed some strange girl was snuggled up against him like she was his wife so he sat up and leaned a little forward and she was still lying against him. off to his left was a lady leaning against the side of his seat and she had a humpback (quasimodo, he called her) and her hump was in his face. well then the sleepy girl moved over and a very fat lady got on and hugged her backpack to her ample chest and practically divebombed her giant ass backwards into the seat which resulted in her partially sitting on one of bryan's legs and he thought she broke it but thankfully she didn't.
you had to be here when he did his impression of the fat lady.

Monday, May 02, 2005

dirty 30 etcetera, internet

sorry i've been neglecting you again, internet blog. i need to learn better time management so i divvy up my minutes between you AND liveurinal. so what's been happenin' with me? well, my little bro came to visit and we showed him a really good time, i turned 30, there was a surprise dinner!, and i love to do laundry. oh wait, that last bit is supposed to be a secret.
i'm going to baltimore and dee cee this weekend! i've never been to either fine city and have no idea what to expect. do people wear pants in baltimore and d.c.? is there anything good to eat there? i won't go if you tell me no.
project make our apartment worthy of my parents is underway. they are coming to visit at the end of the month and we have lots of beautifying to do! i don't want them to think we live like bums over here (even though we kind of do).
i've been hoping and praying that my upstairs neighbors die in their sleep but so far it's not working. my new plan is to become a grown ass woman and make tons of money so i can get a house and never have upstairs neighbors again unless they're my kids and i can "manage" them. so i think i lost my edge. the washer and dryer in the basement sealed the deal. there is clearly no looking back now.