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Saturday, October 30, 2004

my boss gave me a big project this week. she told me to call it my baby.
my baby is my baby. i will call this project the thorn in my side.
i don't like responsibility unless i ask for it.
also, i don't like responsibility.

hollow wein is upon us and i am too lazy to pull a costume together.
i am going to a party in hoboken, new jersey tonight and i have a ride. i wouldn't go if i didn't.
it's my coworker's party. for some reason, lots of people in my department live in poo jersey.
maybe i'll wear all purple and bryan can wear all brown. we'll strap large pieces of bread to our backs and hug a lot.

Monday, October 11, 2004

sorry i've been neglecting you over here.
i went to boston this weekend. you can see photos here.

i had a horrible day at work today. coming off of a little vacation onto a monday is always hard
but today i was faced with the task of assembling 300 press kits. this involves collating about 12 different photos and letters into folders - a job really meant for kinkos but i get to do it because i'm the fucking monkey.
so i bought a piece of my favorite almond cake on the way home. then bryan gets home and hands me an entire almond
cake because he knew i had a shitty day and he knows it's my cure. he's the sweetest.

lots of changes going on with friends. joni got a job - hooray! julaine met a guy she fancies on our trip - hooray!
another friend hates her job and doesn't know where she's going next. boo. bryan's business is moving fast but that means he spends less time with me - yay and boo. also bryan's company is likely to get rid of a bunch more people because the amex is dissolving so boo. scary.
and me, i still hate my job obviously. i feel like i'm getting fatter and fatter these days and need to do something about it for once. i'm just unsatisfied with lots of things and sad and tired and need to run away from my life. now wouldn't that be nice?