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Saturday, July 31, 2004

sneaking is something i'm really good at. i like the rush i get when i know i'm tricking someone or doing something without their knowledge. am i bad for this?
i need to incorporate this interest into a career of some sort.
private eye? writer?
maybe both.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

i walked home in the downpour tonight and didn't open my umbrella
because i was holding a bunch of bags from target. i got a new blazer by mossimo - $25. they do a good blazer.
getting drenched was good except for the part where a bunch of water got in my eyes and made my contacts dry up.

i went to rhode island this weekend. you can read about it in my livejournal.
my aunt told me she has a haunted table in her living room.
it was my grandma's and now her ghost is in it. it shakes sometimes for no reason.

i watched ali g. on hbo2 last night. booyakashaaa! he is one funny funny man.
without humor where would we be??

Saturday, July 17, 2004

new cameraphone pics here:
guess my favorites?

i can't stop watching I LOVE THE 90's on VH1. 1990-1994 strike a chord with me.
i was in high school up until 1993 and 1993-94 was my first year in college. memories, like the corners of my mind.
god, i wore some ugly clothes back then. penny loafers with dimes instead of pennies (because i was expensive), cardigan sweaters and turtlenecks with tightrolled jeans. i was so cool i shopped at the limited. i was trying to be preppy until junior and senior year when i started to wear only black and people rumored me a witch. haha. it was a phase where i also listened to some horrific music like christian death and corrosion of conformity. ugh. as if the cure wasn't creepy enough (right). i think i was trying to scare people. my parents forced me to get confirmed when i was 18 because they wouldn't let me go to college unholy for fear i'd start doing drugs and turn to satan for guidance. it was awful.

where were you in 1992?