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Monday, February 23, 2004

worse than mad libs

this month's most popular search strings for this 'blog' (that i never write in):
(in order of importance)---

lisa bliss
bryan's mom
Century 21 on Queer Eye
Dreams that involve someone trying to kill me
Fresh Towels by Smell This
Ghirardelli brownies
Lisa Journal
Oolong rabbit death
Stonewashed Pants
bathing suit stories
blow pop tee shirt
bryan's hot mom
buttfuck bowl
cloth candy baggies
conversation hearts weight watchers
conversation hearts weight watchers points
crack floss
entenmann's donuts

conclusion: we had a buttfuck bowl?? which involved gratuitous CRACK floss with bryan's mom and shishaldin while donning bathing suits/stonewashed pants/blow pop tee shirts and eating conversation hearts and entemann's donuts (chocolate) AND ghirardelli brownies. afterwards: we all went to a weight watcher's meeting. definitely. we toweled off with fresh towels and contemplated the death of oolong. that night i had dreams of someone trying to kill me.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

mmm. this weekend:
friday- red shoes and valentines presents for bryan.
saturday- lunch/dinner with happy at greek captain; watched belle de jour; ate greek pastries (baklava and almond cookies). decided i must get subscription to new york magazine.
sunday- went to central park and then up to 103rd street to see the magnum exhibit. saw shishaldin for about 30 minutes. walked west through the park and took the train down to macdougal and ate at the olive tree cafe. i love the ambiance of that place and we couldn't stop drawing on the chalkboard tables. they make the only falafel i'll ever eat. <3.
now we're reading the paper (late!) and about to watch freddy vs. jason.
i missed SATC tonight. boo hoo! i will watch it/tape it tomorrow night at 10. i mustn't forget!
it's so cold outside. it's supposed to snow this week... curses.
35 days until spring.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

my mother. i don't talk to her enough and i don't visit her enough.
she's the most selfless person i know - besides bryan.
she only gives and whenever she gets, she cries.
her current job is slowly driving her into the ground. it's horrible for her self esteem.
she works in a very small office with 3 other people. one of them - the boss - smokes in the office (there aren't rules for this in north carolina).
the 'office' is actually in a house so there are no regulations. but there should be.
her 3 coworkers are assholes who make her feel sad constantly.
my mother thrives in social situations and needs people and positive interactions in order to be fed and fulfilled.
this job is sucking all of her happiness out and it's not worth it. but until she finds a better job she cannot leave this current hellish situation.
i feel so sad for her. she's been there for a year.
if you ask me, it's the people who make a job good or bad. they can make it or break it.
i love her so much and only want the best for her and it hurts me to know she is hurting 5 days a week, 9 hours a day. 45 hours.
she doesn't even get a lunch hour or breaks.
i'm lighting a green candle for her.
i tell her i love her right before i hang up. every time.
i miss her.

Monday, February 09, 2004

it's gawjuss today, almost spring-like and there's even sunshine! amazing.

i mailed my camera to olympus for repairs this morning. let's hope they can fix it up all brand new and it doesn't get further damaged in transit.

this weekend i had to talk myself down from purchasing some hello kitty tattoo valentines. is it wrong that i'm 28 years old and i still want to exchange valentines?
bryan thinks so.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

today one of my favorite coworkers told me i'm the funniest person she's ever worked with. i asked her if she meant 'funny haha' or 'funny weird' and she said that it depends on the day.
we have interns at work from central america and today one of them came up to me and asked "lisa, do you have hygenic napkin for when accident?" and then she motioned towards her crotch. it was one of the saddest things.
i must have that office mom quality about me.
i went to alba's for pizza after work and i asked the guy behind the counter if he could stick my slices into a little box. he said "for you, yes". he always says that. and when my food was ready, the owner said "gratzi, senorita" and gave me the flirty smile. they charm me.