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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

this morning as i was ascending the subway stairs there were 2 bums (a couple) lying on the stairwell landing begging for money. the man had a sign that read "tell me off for 2 dollars".
7 hours went by...
this evening as i was descending the subway stairs the same 2 bums were still lying there and they hadn't made much progress.
how very symbolic of life in the rat race.

we haven't spoken in a while.
since i last saw you, i had the best sunday in a long time, got a haircut, got a shitty pedicure, and took a trip to north carolina to visit my family.

also, bryan made me this cool thingy that lets me upload my cameraphone photos directly from my phone to a website he created.
over here.

what about 'choo?

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

me and my wacked out dreamworld

so last night i had the strangest dream. it involved being at some kind of concert hall, like in grade school with the velvet red seats. i was in the audience but no one was paying attention to the show. i kept changing my seat so i could try to see the screen but people's heads kept blocking my view. another part was at some house where partying involved rich people crapping in the bathtub and this guy i work with had to go around cleaning things up. then it segwayed into me being in this clothing store with gigantic mannequins that started to come alive and dance to the loud music they were playing in the store. something like bang bang.

Monday, April 12, 2004

the skinny chinese man who smokes too much and has a crippled hand always talks to me when i pick up the dry cleaning at the laundromat way down on the boulevard. he says "your husband always comes to do laundry now.." and i say "yes, we share.." and it makes me smile that he thinks bryan is my husband.

Saturday, April 10, 2004

sometimes plants stop growing and flourishing. usually it's because they don't get enough light or maybe they have old, dried out soil that isn't feeding their roots properly.
you can prevent the plant from dying if you uproot it and repot it in fresh new soil. then you have to promise yourself you will water it and pay more attention to it.
you have to treat it right.

people are the same way, you know.

Sunday, April 04, 2004


sooooo i got this new fangled cameraphone and it's just the loveliest toy in the whole wide world and i cannot stop taking pictures of every damn thing in the entire gosh darn world!


we went to the whitney biennial on friday. funhouse!

the best part was when we got to sit in this furry plush room and watch 'video art'. there was a whole lot of that this time.

we walked 20 blocks for the sake of sushi near 95th street. it was worth it if only for the spicy tuna roll. the most notable thing on the way was this meat display.

saturday started with the sadness of not obtaining any morrissey tickets. they went so fast!
c'est la vie.
that afternoon me and bry wandered around forest hills. i got some free lotion from a coupon that was meant for someone who no longer lives in our building. i bought an itty bitty book light at barnes and nobles to try to induce more reading in bed.

i've been wanting a photo of this baskin robbins poster since last summer. it frightens me!

for dinner, bryan bought some fancy hamburger meat and grilled me the juiciest burger i've ever had.

today bryan's mom came over for brunch and then we knitted (knat?) for 3 hours. i'm on my 4th ball of yarn so i may some day finish my scarf and actually show it to you! :)