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Thursday, May 15, 2003

it's been awhile, no?
*taps mic*
is anyone out there?
perhaps a few people read this but i really have no idea since there isn't a comment feature in effect as of yet. i will one day figure out how to work that.

so we have sickness. bryan has strep and i am taking antibiotics with him to prevent me from getting it. i never really had it but i did get a sore throat.
zithromax is awful. it makes you nauseous and very bad things happen in the bathroom.
it also makes me cry but maybe that's just me.

my parents moved into their new house this past weekend and are very happy to be able to unpack. they haven't seen most of their stuff in two years since it was all in storage so every time they open a new box it feels like christmas. yesterday was my dad's birthday and he has lemon meringue pie not cake.

i had a manicure pedicure today. i had to wait an hour but somehow didn't mind. maybe it's because i view time differently than i used to. my nails are reddish pinkish and very very short.

this weekend bryan's sister amy is graduating from college so we will be going to madison, new jersey for that. next wednesday is my friend joni's birfday so we will be going out for drinks for that. next friday my brother comes to visit for 5 days. hooray!

i'm tired and nauseous. bye for now.