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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

i want to know who actually reads this here blog so please state your name, favorite carbohydrate, how you found me, and tell me what kind of footwear you are sporting today.

thank you.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

when you're not sure just how to tell her you love her..

i've been thinkin' 'bout love and romance and watching way too much tlc programming like perfect proposal and its spawn.
this is what you end up doing when you're sick from not trying hard enough to get better from GINORMOUS SNOT INFILTRATION 2004, QUIET STORM OF THE MEMBRANES.
which left me wondering, searching, thinking, really hard about one thing: surprises.
and i came to one stark realization about: surprises.
i. have. never. been. surprised.

i don't think it would/could/will/can/ever/never be possible to surprise me in 67 jillion years.
and it kinda makes me sad.
yes, i used to open my already wrapped christmas presents which my parents stored in their closet and then rewrap them.
yes, i had to feign surprise about the bowling ball. about the tv. about the yes.
yes, i'm horrible!

i wonder if there's a cure.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

testing RSS feed.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

sibling rivalry.. to the max!

i used to torture my little brother. he was always 5 years younger and a lot smaller. i've completely blocked out most of it, but i just had a long, funny chat with him wherein he reminded me of a bunch of the dreadful (but funny, now) things i once subjected him to.

- i used to spit on him.. in his face, even! and before i'd unleash the spit i'd shout "i spit on YOU!".

- i used to stick my finger a millimeter from his eyeball and shout "i'm not touching you! i'm not touching you!" over and over.

- i used to lock him in the crawlspace and turn off the lights.

- i used to lock him out of the house.

- i used to slap him on his back really hard. reeaaalllly hard.

- i used to write mean things about him in his bedtime books like "derek is a boogerhead".

- i used to call him all kinds of mean things.

- i'd throw snowballs at him every winter.

and amazingly enough, he turned out just fine. he's loving, caring, sweet, relaxed, sane and hasn't got a vengeful bone in his entire body.
me, on the other hand....

i hope this is somewhat normal.

Friday, March 12, 2004

everyone is gay

a new guy moved over to our floor today and his cell phone just rang.
i was wondering before, but now i'm certain.
the ring was that christina aguilera song, 'dirty'.

deja vu

a few years ago, my father was experiencing severe neck pains for several months. eventually he went to the doctor and took all kinds of tests which concluded to find that he had a (benign) tumor on his spine. they looked even further and realized that the tumor had eaten away at part of his vertebrae so they had to go in and replace part of his spine with a metal plate and several screws for support. the doctor told him that if he had let it go much longer, one harsh blow or fall could have snapped his neck.

recently he's been having horrible headaches and stabbing pains near his ear and my mother is worried it's another tumor. he's scheduled to see the doctor next week. i'm sure it will involve more CAT scans, etc.

i'm worried..


career ideas:

-amazing corporate stress management/relaxation/community-building/feng shui consultant. involves cupcakes, breathing, yoga, counseling, activities, sports, food, communication exercises, and spatial organization & relations. is there a way? there has to be a name for this.

-greeting card business involving my photos.