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Tuesday, October 29, 2002

up until the age of 11, the first thing me and my little brother would do each halloween night after suiting up was go to grandma and grandpa's house to get some candy goodies and take photos.
then we'd come back home and trick-or-treat through our neighborhood (about 3 small square blocks).
the wilburs, our next door neighbors, would always pretend they weren't home just so they didn't have to hand out candy. they were stingy. the one time they actually did hand out treats, it was just little baggies filled with unsalted popcorn. gag.
my other neighbor, mr. fisher, would always give us full-sized baby ruths and butterfingers. sometimes they were twixes or kit kats.
vietnam man (a poorly adjusted vietnam vet who lived in our hood) would have a bonfire on his front lawn every halloween. he'd hand out apples just to make us worry about razor blades and pins.
we'd get at least 100 trick-or-treaters at our house every year. we'd often run out of candy.
the last time i went out halloweening i think i must've been around 14. that was the year i went out twice. i filled up my bag once, came home, changed into something different and then went back out for round 2.
once we got home with our full bags of treats, my dad would proceed to dump it all out on the floor, and "inspect" it for us. inspecting consisted of eating several pieces just to "make sure they were good". then i would categorize the candy. shitty candy got its own pile. things like mary janes, safety pops, hard candy, taffy, would go into this pile. then there's the blow pop/tootsie pop pile. then the gum pile. then the pile of things like bottle caps, nerds, smarties. then the good chocolate pile. then the chocolate i'd never heard of pile.
the shitty candy would always stick around until easter.

we don't really get many trick-or-treaters around here. times are different.
last year we got around 10 or 15. i have no idea who they were. their costumes were half-assed and they didn't say thank you.

Thursday, October 24, 2002

snagged these images from over here.

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

this entry is to be read in the voice of eeyore

this morning, i dug out my fat warm terry cloth bathrobe.
i put on a pair of brown argyle wooly socks and a tan wooly sweater.
i filled up my brown suede purse.
i evaluated my fall clothes,
and decided i have no clothes.
i forced myself to give all the ugly ones away, yet i still have lots of ugly left.
so i guess for the next few months
i will live in a terry cloth bathrobe,
draped over a wool sweater.
my feet will be warm because
i found my slippers.
i know. slippers are for old people.
maybe i'm old people.

Friday, October 04, 2002

wedded bliss
i have a wedding to attend this weekend which means i need to find a dress to wear. i've been putting off shopping for it all week because i hate hate hate clothes shopping. there's just way too much pressure and expectation involved. i always get let down. i need a haircut and a manicure/pedicure as well. i really want to get rid of all the layers in my hair.
i cleaned out the closets this week and donated 3 garbage bags full of clothing to the church.
now i know what i have and what i don't have. there's still some stuff in there that i know i'll never wear but i keep it anyway because for some reason i can't part with it. i hate that. i wish i didn't have any attachment to objects. it's annoying. like i still have my college sweatshirt, an old mickey mouse pillowcase from when i was little, some old band tee shirts, an ugly dress, a shirt from that nasty 'grunge' period, and many pairs of shoes that i will never wear. it's just taking up space and in our apartment closet space is minimal. bah.