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Sunday, August 24, 2003

this weekend was:

perfect weather
& a new haircut i love love love
& red red wine
& knitting through a whole ball of yarn
& a trip to bed bath and beyond to perk up the place a bit (new shower curtain, kitchen towels, and pot holders because queer eye made me feel embarassed =o.)
& laundry with chris and matt and then me and chris had dinner together and watched SATC.
she brought me the $20 worth of tchotchkes i requested from her trip to asia and australia. i have butter and kiwi honey from new zealand, funny socks, ornate chopsticks, a pucca changepurse and some other cutesty things.

bry is still at the skatejam. it must've turned out well because he's not back yet!
tomorrow we will spend the day together. i want to take a cue from kim and go robert moses park. we shall see...

Saturday, August 23, 2003

*things that make life better*

queer eye for the straight guy marathons- this is the best show idea in a long, long time. the blonde one makes me laugh out loud! i think they should have queer eye for the straight girl. lots of women need help, too!

chocolate peanut butter ice cream- baskin robbins, straight to the thighs but i don't give a damn. i'll say it again. i don't give a goddamn.

4 day weekends- sometimes i don't know what to do with myself when i'm handed so much free time. i need to learn not to waste it. i knitted today. i also cleaned but i think that's a waste of time. i must learn to stop wasting time. i want to fly my kite soon.

windy days and nights- all the windows are open to clear the air in here. there's nice cross-breeze action going on. it's the perfect temp. right now.

merlot- if anyone needs to relax, it's me and this seems to be the only way.

Friday, August 22, 2003

hi. who is reading this? is it you? hey mofo.
anyhow, today i got a haircut. i think i'm bored with my hairguy, joel the tiny asian man.
he's pretty good but predictable. i need more surprise. most people wouldn't say that but i say it.
i sat there patiently for one hour as joel painstakingly snipped each and every one of my hairs.
i watched many a 60-something lady have her thinning hair blown out, fluffed, and helmeted.
someday i will be a 60-something lady but no blow outs for me. i want one of those lesbian crew cuts.
hopefully all my hair will be white so i will get to look like susan powder.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

i went to another sample sale today - dana buchman. i snagged a jean jacket that retails $230. i paid $15. i have turned into this clothes horse and it's unbelievable. i never used to care about stuff like that and now i find myself craving a subscription to lucky magazine. only $12 for 12 issues!
it doesn't help that we have sample sales at work nearly every other week.
our company is opening a new store that is from the netherlands called mexx. it's going to be in direct competition with h&m. they will sell reasonably priced clothing but it'll be a little nicer than h&m and cost a little bit more. their clothes will be just as trendy, if not more. the first store in the u.s. opens next month on 5th ave, near h&m.
i love a bargain so other places i must check out soon include zara and century 21. i've never been to century 21 but i hear that it's like a more upscale loehmann's.

i finally have work email now. it's
pretty nifty i suppose.

this weekend bryan is doing the skatejam again. i have a 4 day weekend and want to go away someplace. i also want to hear some live music.
next week we leave for san francisco. sweet reprieve.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

thursday-drank too much after work with kim and justin but had fun. black flip flops gave me blisters. ate drunk french fries at odessa.
friday-late start but i did make it to steinway street and i bought a 'le coq sportif' very short aqua mini skirt for 7 dollars and 2 shirts from pretty girl. i also wandered into express for an orange tank top and a necklace. i ate a chicken empanada at a colombian bakery.
saturday-me and bry went to see 'finding nemo'. it was cute and we needed some nice, sweet naivety at that moment. for dinner we met his dad and brother for sushi then donuts and ice cream. his dad told me that a few weeks ago he sat down and ate a whole entire box of 9 entenmann's donuts in one sitting. he's a doctor and should know better but at least he's not fat.
sunday-today-i went to 4 museums with shishaldin. noguchi, african, moma qns, and p.s. 1. we ate at this dirty diner where i had a huge pork sandwich that made me want to puke right after i ate it. today i wore my 'i heart new york' shirt and some guy catcalled me while i was walking home and shouted 'new york loves you toooooo'. damn straight.

Monday, August 04, 2003

i rarely eat much when alone. i will not cook a big meal for just me.
god it's sticky out. sticky sticky stickoo.
i just changed my cell phone message. it's silly now. i'm in a silly mood.
it's HUMID and i wish it would rain and rain to get rid of it.

have i mentioned how much construction is going on in my neighborhood lately?
it's perverse. a big old apartment complex is being built and they're digging up the roads for the 3rd time in
two years to replace some MORE pipes. what the fuck? get it right the first time, please?
i LOVE to complain. i'm good at it.

Sunday, August 03, 2003

i want to live somewhere where car alarms never go off.

tonight's dinner was inspired by me cleaning out the fridge. i got rid of all the old crap and uncovered a plethora of fresh vegetables. i steamed broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and onions with garlic, olive oil, red pepper flakes, and fresh baby basil. i put it over some fettucine and added romano cheese and it was deeelish.

the clouds have been gorgeous lately. has anyone noticed?

mondays suck enough, but what makes them suck even more is the inevitable bland 'how was your weekend' conversation i have to endure at least 4 times.

we were at a bar last night and 'love will tear us apart' came on and i decided i must have that song at my wedding one day.

we have tons of bamboo framing our entire back yard. it's impossible to get rid of and has taken over everything. it's probably 14 feet tall. i came home the other day to find that my landlord had hired a man to get rid of half of it! so now my neighbors can see us when we walk around the house naked. i guess we'll have to start closing the blinds.

i have a serious problem. whenever i buy baked cheddar sour cream ruffles i eat the entire bag. in one day. it's kind of gross.

when i'm nervous i touch my collarbone.

right now, bryan is watching 'for better or for worse' of his own free will. hah.