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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

observed today while running a lunch 'errand':
-a very slim girl sitting in a chair on the sidewalk at broadway near 37th with a little table and a sign that read "calculate your body fat for free". she had one of those machines and a tip jar.
-a pink el dorado with spinning rims.
-all sidewalk smokers appear pensive.

i just watched spellbound. twas very cute and entertaining- i recommend!

i have decided i need to incorporate (once again) more high fives, thumbs up, and OK signs into my daily repertoire.
i feel that the OK sign is slowly fading out as a "hip" gesture. i must save it from extinction like the audubon society trying to save the pika.

i went to a wedding this weekend. it was my 11th.
pictures here:

Saturday, August 14, 2004

the 3rd thing my mom said after we told her we were getting married was that she had to lose weight before the wedding.
bryan's mom told us the same thing. i guess this is pretty common.
i want to get in better shape too.

Friday, August 13, 2004

bryan asked me to marry him last night as we sat by the water under the brooklyn bridge. i was taking him out and we were early for HIS 30th birthday dinner at the river cafe by almost 2 hours. i started to wonder how we'd kill all that time as we sat down at the promenade to take in the view of manhattan. he told me how he had made a list of all the things he wanted to accomplish by the time he was 30. he said he wanted to start his own business, make 100K, and all these other things. then he told me that after he made the list he took a look at it and realized that what he really wanted was to spend the rest of his life with me. he pulled out the ring and i was like NO WAY. i didn't say anything for a few minutes and then he asked again and i said yes. then i had him get down on his knee and do it over because hell, it only happens once and i want the one knee treatment. we called our families and that made it register even more. you don't realize what you're doing until you hear the reactions of the people you love. i had given him a big bunch of sunflowers and i think a lot of people at the promenade knew something was going down. we were so loud calling everyone on my cell phone's speakerphone. 2 elderly ladies walked up to us and told us that in italy people grow tons of sunflowers because they help lessen air pollution. RANDOM. we shared our news with them and they were so cute. we had a wonderful dinner at the river cafe - despite my nervous nauseous stomach from all the excitement. the 180 degree view from the restaurant was breathtaking after sunset.
it was a surprise but not completely. bryan had called me at lunchtime to ask if i wanted to meet him to eat because he was in midtown "running an errand". he's never in midtown - he works in brooklyn so i knew something was up. what's in midtown? diamonds! that was the one thing that kind of gave it away.

last night i had ring-inspired dreams - my ring was big and really 3-D like a cartoon. it had a diamond on the side and top and i was looking at it as it suddenly morphed into a huge silver camera? i also dreamt bryan borrowed money from someone to pay for the ring.

today is friday the 13th and this morn i woke up and a stray black cat with a white chest and yellow eyes was at the back door staring at me. creepy.

i floated around all day feeling as if my head wasn't attached to my body. i told my coworkers the news and each time i relayed the story i cried and they cried. we had a going away breakfast for the interns so everyone heard about it at the same time. i work with 98% women so you can imagine what that was like! my boss brought her 3 girls into work and the 5 year old middle one asked me if i'd go to the circus with her. adorable beyond belief.

me and bryan are completely drained right now from all the excitement of it and talking to everyone we know and having people freak out. walking around all day with the ring on my finger for the first time has been interesting, to say the least.