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Saturday, December 20, 2003

2003 Year In Review

at the end of each year, i like to look back and reflect upon all the notable happenings of the past 12 months.

so, here she is:

-Robert Cantwork and myself went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. it helped me to quickly realize that i think museums are DULL. crickets chirp. tumbleweeds blow through. dust makes *noise*.

-i finally got new contacts - SOFT and comfy. i also went to the dentist (no cavities!) and gyno (no problems!). i'm taking care of the bod again. it's a good ting, mon.

-i printed a bunch of my digital photos and created a little starter photography portfolio. i've been so bad at printing out digital photos. it's so time consuming and i'm lazy. yep. we even lost a hard drive here and there which means we lost a bunch of directories of photos which is sad. i resolve to be better at this in 2004. either that, or i'll just start shooting real film again. i kind of miss it.

-we went to chinatown for chinese new year with Christine and Matt. we all sorta missed the hub-bub but took some pretty shots and wandered around.

-i had lunch with my boss from USA, E. it was disturbing because she is now anorexic. i don't think i'll be lunching with her again any time soon. it traumatized me for at least a month.

-i had a free facial at skinklinic in the spring. i had another facial at mario badescu in the fall. this made me realize facials are a waste of a.) time and b.) money. i will no longer "spa".

-we went to IKEA and bought a new chair and stool. this was a huge deal because we haven't much furniture. now we can accomodate more than two guests in the living room at one time! hooray!!!

-i was invited to a dinner that honored bryan's mother for 15 years of service at her job. it made me feel special that i was important enough to be included.

-i went thrifting now and again with the lovely kimberly hall. i will never be as funky fresh as kim but she did help me add a few lovely pieces to my wardrobe.

-i had a low-key birthday party in queens and then spent my birthday in central park with bryan. it was perfect.

-i went to my cousin's wedding in may. twas classy not trashy.

-i started to exercise again with christine. i even ran for a few months. i must get back into it again. must.

-my brother, derek, visited me at the end of may for 5 days. we saw the yankees and did karaoke and a lot of other fun happy stuff. sniff.

-i GOT a JOB! even though it's dumb at least i have a job. period. no whining.

-i saw the trachtenburg family slideshow players which was fabulous. i saw ween, also. ween was good performance-wise but the audience i was surrounded by sucked in the hardest way possible.
oh well. can't win them all.

-me and bryan went to San Francisco for a week. it was splendid. it was Bliss.

-took a jaunt to Bradley Beach, NJ with christine one weekend and didn't even get sunburned!
it's nice to get away now and then.

-i lived through the Blackout of 2003! by walking across the 59th street bridge! that seriously ruled and will go down in my history book as one of my most survivalist moments.

-Shishaldin and I started hanging out a bunch and have become reasonably good friends considering we both hate people. i want to write a book called "Shishaldin and I".

-i visited my parents in North Carolina. i went out with my cousin, Kerry one night and caught up with her and her hub. spent time with my bro.

-i got my hair cut at Vidal Sasson and it's the best haircut of my entire life! i am addicted and this is very very bad since it's expensivo. thanks, Julia!

-we had Thanksgiving at our house again (just like last year) and it made me decide that next year someone else is handling it. i'm over the whole "hostess" thing. martha, martha, martha.

-i'm spending Xmas in Queens for the first time in Years. yay!!!!!! i always hated travelling around the holidays.

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Friday, December 19, 2003

who's dick is BIGGER?

i hope to be more fiscally responsible in the new year.
because as we all know, money equals happiness.