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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

i forgot to tell you some stuff.
i got hit on on sunday. and monday.
sunday i was straddling my bike waiting for bryan outside the bike shop and this (black) man came up to me and told me how the bike was doing me "a world of good" as he stared at my ass. he wouldn't stop going on about it and told me "believe me, i know".
monday a guy came up to me on the train (he was also dark skinned) and asked if the train was going to manhattan. i told him yes. then he told me i had really cute feet and i ignored him. he asked if i heard what he said and i told him to please leave me alone. he walked away.
both of these dudes had fucked up teeth. as in, they were missing a few.

also on monday, a homeless man on the street cried "GIVE ME SOME SEX WITH A PRETTY WOMAN, AND I'LL BE ALRIGHT!".
i can see how that could be true.
on the train yesterday.. well, i always see this asian lady and she'll just sit there really quiet and will all of a sudden start swinging one arm in power circles above her head and flick her hand out like she can shoot lazers from it and scream RAHHH!! POWWW!!! CRRRRRRRRR!. and then is all quiet again like nothing happened.
like, every 10 minutes.

i love new york.

i've been trying to decide--
what is more difficult?
having to live up to a name and a set of expectations?
or having to build a name and create all of the expectations yourself?
i hope someone has an answer.

i am being more fiscally responsible today. i got a lower APR on my credit card!
i reduced that bitch from 16% to 12%!

now i'm in the process of trying to consolidate my student loans so i get the low rate.
deadline: june 30!
being a grown up is FUNN!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

funny things i saw on the street today:

-that guy. you know, that guy with the suit with all the question marks on it? crazy shit.

-a dude wearing a suit of armor. well, it was only from the waist down and he was carrying the rest while hailing a cab. sweaty.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

i totally had a dream about brad pitt last night. hush, don't tell anybody. nothing steamy happened, i just needed to cuddle.

it's summer in nyc. i know this because i gag when passing garbage cans and mysterious air conditioner water drips on me from the sky.

we had dinner at mamoun's tonight. 2 falafels and a baklava for $5. dude. then we people watched at washington square park.
we walked all up and down 8th street while bryan helped me shop for cute non-sporty flip flop-type sandals but every style i liked was sold out in my size.
guess i gotta go pull my old navy ones out of the donations garbage bag i have sitting in the garage.

my life is so glamorous.

Monday, June 06, 2005

boy, being a girl can shur be hard sometimes. sorry about that last incredibly emo post. i'm feeling so much betta now! my parents came to visit and nobody died. everyone behaved and whipped out their politeness and hardly said anything inappropriate!
photos from this glorious event can be browsed here:

today i'm trying not to eat so much meat because we have been grilling it and eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the past few days. ooof. dinner tonight is a huge salad and (SHHH) ice cream -- thin mint and/or oreo??
so all of a sudden it's summer. why does it creep up like that? just the other day i was complaining it was too cold and now it's swampy as heck. can't win.

my brother went on a date the other night and he told me that he had nothing in common with the girl. well, she is colombian. duh! if there are any single ladies in the 23-28 age range please comment and i'll hook u up.
my brother cannot stand the following so keep it in mind:
-girls with tattoos
-girls who swear!
-girls who smoke

i'm serious.