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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

thurs- peter came over and we cooked pork chops and mac and cheese with peas and salad
friday- shopped on broadway for amy und donna and ate at cafe mogador with bryan; dyed hair
saturday- italian dinner for amy and donna and i made banana bread
sunday- went out to yaffa cafe and hated it
monday- did laundry and picked up dry cleaning, ate fish for dinner
tuesday- went to target and got new quilt and shams and dust ruffle for bed and new curtains; theme for the room is slate blue and flowery, bryan made shepherd's pie for dinner
wednesday- maybe i will go bellydancing, have to look into fingerprints, need new contacts - lenscrafters?

Monday, August 19, 2002

saturday i dropped my sewing machine off at the shop because it needs a lube job and all of its belts replaced. i can't wait til i get her back to running all smooth, humming through the fabric like a ghost.

then me and susie went to the price club in carle place, long island.
there aren't any cart-drivin' rules once in price club. people can and will mow you down. they'll hit the backs of your ankles with their shoppping carts and step on your flip flops with no apology.
we picked up a bunch of stuff to cook bryan a super special belated birthday dinner.. his 3rd this week because we like to spoil him..

-braised pork ribs with summer vegetables and red sauce
-penne with fresh mozz., basil, cherry tomatoes, and ricotta salatta
-garlic-seared scallops
-field green salad with roasted pine nuts

for dessert we searched high and low for a Carvel because 3 of our usual Carvels in and around the neighborhood closed down :(.
We finally spotted one in Flushing and i bought bryan a COOKIEPUSS CAKE!!!!
he was delighted!
we also had some homemade ghirardelli brownies.
i'm gonna get fat. call me blubbbaboo.

me and bryan

Sunday, August 11, 2002

weekend of food
we spent both yesterday morning and this morning lounging out in the backyard eating big breakfasts. yesterday was bagels and lox and whitefish spread.
today, i made waffles in my belgian waffle iron and we had bacon and scrambled eggs. for dinner last night we had sushi (tons) and for dinner tonight, we had steak on the grill, rice, and corn on the cob. we had ice cream both days as well but we seem to have completely bipassed lunch altogether. lunch is for wimps and i'm boycotting it. it's the weak person's meal, for people who are too stingy with their breakfast. i vote for big breakfasts, bigger dinners, and no more lunch meat.