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Sunday, September 29, 2002

not feeling so good today. it started last night with a headache and extreme tiredness.
feels like i'm fighting a bad cold. damn humans and their germs.
bryan is going out of his way to bring me delicious soup from the noodle place in flushing.
i am a very lucky lady.

Monday, September 23, 2002

things i've given up:
brownies (age 6, quit after a few months cos the meetings were past my bedtime.)
still remember that song: "make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold."

the viola (age 11, quit after a month of lessons because my teacher was mean.)
my parents really couldn't stand the sound of me "practicing".

chorus (age 13, quit it after 6 years because it was no longer 'cool' to be in chorus. oh wait, it was never cool.)

swimming lessons (age 16, stopped after 13 years. i decided i didn't want to be a lifeguard after all. i just wanted a tan.)*
i was also more interested in flirting poolside.

bowling (age 17, quit after 2 years. i only ever did it for shits and giggles.)

biking (age 18, stopped after 13 years because i never brought a bike to college. i deeply regret that i no longer have a bike. sniff. plan to purchase one for the spring.)*

tennis (age 19, gave it up after 2 years. i got tired of chasing those frigging balls.)

college radio djing (age 24, lasted 3 years. i did it in college so it ended due to graduation. i miss it.)
i miss scratching to black sabbath.

smoking (age 25, quit after 5 years. i quit because i thought i was dying. i probably was.)
this is the one thing i miss the least.

going to the gym (age 26, after 1 year i decided it wasn't for me because my gym was ghetto.)

( * indicates activity i would like to resume)

Sunday, September 22, 2002

the weekend and my stomach

so far,
chai tea with strangers
vegetarian chinese one night and sushi the next, with bry
a birthday party in brooklyn heights with cranberry and vodkas and summer rolls
dunkin donuts at 4 a.m.
frites, mango juice, more chai, and margherita pizza with tamara

Saturday, September 21, 2002

who are these people??

parents. you love them. you tell them you hate them sometimes but you don't really mean it. but maybe you do for just a second. they embarass you. they still wear acid-washed jeans. they shop at wal-mart like every day. but you still love them.
my parents make fun of me in one way or another every single time i talk to them on the phone. they make fun of me for not having a car. they make fun of me for not being engaged. they make fun of me for not having 2387238293 pieces of furniture in my living room.
whenever i get mad at them for making fun of me, they retort with a quick "Oh LISA! We're just JOKING AROUND! HA!" yeah. joking around hahaha. it's not funny the 100th time you do it. maybe the 30th time but not the 100th time. i'm just sensitive i guess.
at least i don't wear frigging HOLIDAY sweaters that light up for christmas and halloween. at least i'm CLOSE to normal. jesus.

Saturday, September 14, 2002

a few of my garden's late bloomers

mah boobeh

taken in the back yard at night after dining al fresco.
he is wearing his homemade muscleman tee.

i just watched Storytelling.
Todd Solondz is obsessed with humility.

such is the life of a geek.

so now i am forced to partake in some Queen of the Damned. i guess it's only fair.