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Friday, January 30, 2004

i had so much ambition for today yesterday but now that it's today i find myself having absolutely no desire to leave the comfort and warmth of my living room. and you know what? that's OK.
this weekend is shaping up to be action packed. tonight bryan is going to the fish market to buy all the fixings to make his fantastic seafood fra diavolo. i'm taking some photos of shishaldin for her masters thesis tomorrow. i'm having dim sum and steak dinner w/ bryan's family on sunday, and monday i will mail my digital camera back to olympus to have it repaired. in between there someplace i will be searching for the perfect engagement ring. something tells me i might need to design my own because i'm just not finding what i want. everything looks like every other basic, boring engagment ring. i also have 3 netflix movies to keep us occupied: 'the soong sisters', 'swimming pool', and 'whale rider'.
okay, today's oprah was so scary. she had a doctor come on the show and bring a bunch of human organs to demonstrate what unhealthy organs look like compared to healthy ones. he also said that a person should have sex 4 times a week in order to be healthy. you can take 6 years off of your age if you have 4 orgasms a week. i'm still sore from exercising the other day- mostly it's my stomach and sides. i have got to join a gym because i just cannot motivate myself to exercise at home. i need to be pressured into it and having a certain amount of money deducted from my bank account on a monthly basis might just be the answer. 4 months until bathing suit season!!

Sunday, January 18, 2004

all anyone really wants out of life is fresh, affordable produce.
is that so much to ask??
i just watched bowling for columbine. it depressed me and made me want to move to canada.
i miss shishaldin. she's part of a heavy metal band now called kulture klub. she's the singer but she doesn't really sing, she screams. she told me i could be in the band and play the cow bell.
my jaw is bothering me again. i shouldn't have had that coffee this morning.