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Thursday, March 17, 2005

it's been a busy last few weeks. i've - believe it or not - become motivated to plan my wedding. it only took me 6 months. today we had a juicy couture sample sale (handbags) and my boss bought me one. i think it retails for $200! it's not really my style but could be a good gift for someone who likes bright green leather and gold details. hah. my very thoughtful boss got a bag that retails for 500 bucks for a mere 60!!
tomorrow i have a job interview for a job i don't really want. it's in the mtv building but for a company that has nothing to do with mtv. i figure it's just good practice to go on interviews. after that i think i'll wander over to rk bridal to see how they do. then i'm meeting bryan at J&R and he's buying us a new 8 megapixel digital camera!
after that we're having dinner at battery gardens to see if we like how they cook it up. if we like it i think we shall book that mofo.
god i'll feel so much better if we have an actual date.

edited to add: i think i found the cupcakes!
bryan is coming with me for an official tasting on saturday. ooooooooh!!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

tid bits

i saw the motorcycle diaries on the plane ride home and now it is confirmed: gael garcia bernal is the hotness. even with asthma. see MC diaries. see y tu mama tambien. ohhhh gael.

who but me would buy a box of tissues with miffy on them and lug it back to the states?
miffy is adorable!!! i will not let anything less cute than her touch my snotty nose. ever.
ok, somebody either needs to a.) have kids or b.) try to hide the fact that many of her tastes lean towards those of a 4 year old. bright shiny things attract me! i'm a monkey.

i've hit phase 2 of serious jetlag. i think i'm getting a cold. my body is such a goddamn baby. WAH!
i love to travel but i hate what it does to my delicate constitution.

london was super fun times! kim and justin were gracious hosts and made me feel right at home. england was cold and damp and it snowed a little every single day. i spent more money on food than anything else. don't let people tell you the food sucks because it doesn't. if you can't find good food then you are the one that sucks!
while i was away it seems that all hell broke loose. all in one day there was a blizzard, bryan got locked out of the house, had his wisdom teeth out, the kitchen pipes busted and flooded all over, and the boiler went kaput. lawdy lawdy. good thing i was out of town!
well, back to business. my wedding thread over at indiebride is heating up. time to plan a wedding, find a new job, get healthy, and concentrate on what i really want.